Article: Introducing… Proverb

Article: Introducing… Proverb

People who know tracks like ‘I am Hip Hop’, ‘Microphone Sweet Home’ and ‘Nothing on me’ might know who I’m talking about. Those who don’t know it, will love this South African lyricist: Proverb.

People who know tracks like ‘I Am Hip Hop’, Microphone Sweet Homeand ‘Nothing On Me’ might know who I’m talking about. Those who don’t know it, will love this South African lyricist: Proverb. 

Music: Proverb – Write of Passage

On the album ‘Write Of Passage’ Proverb talks about “a social balance”: from the old school to the new school heads, he aims to be the force to be reckoned with. Listeners will be pleased the most with tracks as ‘Been a Minute’, produced by Ameen Harron, or the collaboration Promodehe did with Modenine. ‘Write Of Passage’ is not as good as his debut The Book Of Proverb, but it’s a step closer to it than his other releases.

Proverb is an emcee that can flip the meaning of artistry around like producers do with samples. He is known as a punchline pugilist and he is keeping it real for South African Hip Hop. For the people who want a dosage of Proverb, go to his website. Over there you can get the latest single he did this year: Inspiration‘, featuring UK-based singer Brian Temba.

Before I end this introduction, you should know he has interviewed Wordsworth before. It was when Wordsworth came to South Africa to promote Mirror Music, but he and Proverb have one common ground: they both have the love for words. 


Words by: Themba Mtsali (Twitter)
More info: Proverb
Buy: Write Of Passage (iTunes)

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