News: Seeing sounds and hearing art

News: Seeing sounds and hearing art

Do you ever try to visualize music? Have you ever imagined what art would sound like? It’s a strange concept to wrap your head around, but a new cross-disciplinary project called See-A-Sound aims to provide intriguing insight on the idea. Ten musicians will work closely with ten designers, feeding off one another for inspiration, and ultimately bring visual art directly to your ears.

For this unique project, designers will be paired with producers to collaboratively build a song and corresponding artwork. Through sharing their work at various stages throughout the creative process, the artists will alter their piece according to their partner’s progress. This method will lead to the creation of a song that is integrally linked to a piece of visual art.

The participating producers include DJ Mace and DJ Optimus (founders of Fremdtunes and initiators of this project along with Mashville), Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, Kelpe, Jameszoo and Soosh. These talented producers will then share their work process with visual artists such as Erosie, Mister Adam, Attak and Staynice. The full list of the ten collaborations can be found below, followed by a few downloads.

The collaborations will result in a website and a big exhibition with ten silkscreened artworks, ten tracks and some other related activities. The exhibition and various extra events will take place from January 27th till April 20th at BKKC in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The Find Magazine is working closely with See-A-Sound, both digitally as well as printed, so keep an eye peeled for more updates.

Designer – Producer
Attak – Grazzhoppa
Boris Tellegen – DJ Mace
Jeroen Erosie – Jameszoo
Graphic Surgery – Kelpe
Loulouandtummie – DJ Optimus
Michiel Schuurman – Soosh
Mister Adam – Coco Bryce
Staynice – Julian Edwardes
Studio Boot – Solo Moderna
Supernova – Kid Sundance

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The following downloads are not part of this project, but some good tunes by participants for you to enjoy:

Snippets: OptiMace – The future is not what it used to be – part 1

 Coco Bryce – Be Mine

 Soosh – Cosmic Alms

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