Berlin-based label Dezi-Belle Records is celebrating its seven-year anniversary this week. This Saturday, 40 beatmakers and emcees play a set at the Dezi-Belle Birthday at Panke–one of our favorite spots in Berlin.

As part of our Label Love series, we present seven albums from Dezi-Belle Records’ back catalog to celebrate seven years of the label. In no particular order, completely biased, and good from start to finish:

Black Bear Basement – Beyond Traits

Ebbe Funk – Tibia Infamiae

Kid Abstrakt & The Deli – Daydreaming (more about this release)

Bxris Bekka – Clubheimromantik

B-Side & Philanthrope – Blurred Nightscapes

Funky Notes & Tom Doolie – Narcotraficantes

Obijuan & FatB – Full Court Rappin’