Beats By Jan – The Silver Beat Matter (Vanilla Tape)

Beats By Jan – The Silver Beat Matter (Vanilla Tape)

US producer Chameleon Sessions is the Catfish among beatmakers. As his name applies, he adjusts to different environments to make any type of beat. Confusing fans with multiple monikers while he’s at it.

Beats by Jan began as a troll post on social media about a fake beat tape. And now, life imitates art: he made an actual Beats by Jan tape, soon to be released on cassette via Greek boutique label Nekubi Tapes.

And it’s a nice one. With most notably “The Silver Beat Matter,” a short story in the style of a 40s detective radio show molded into a beat. Listen to the track and the rest of the Vanilla tape below.

(Thanks to London-based producer Bobby Obsy for this find. Who last year also created a fictional boom bap storyline)

“Our hero is inspired to create some music but he is not very good at it. Suddenly, he hears music from down the street that he loves but is angry it’s way better than what he is making. He has to see who is making it…

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