‘BRWN’ by B. Cool-Aid (Ahwlee & Pink Siifu), with a Short Film by Mndsgn & Alima Lee

‘BRWN’ by B. Cool-Aid (Ahwlee & Pink Siifu), with a Short Film by Mndsgn & Alima Lee

It took quite some time before we stopped listening to Ahwlee’s Life2 beat tape on a regular basis. Good news: now there’s BRWN, an album in the same soulful yet thumping vein by Ahwlee with vocals by Pink Siifu. Together they are B. Cool-Aid.

“We made this project for BRWN skin. to show appreciation, admiration, to embrace, and to understand a new perspective of what we all have seen, lived, or been raised up under”, explains Pink Siifu on Bandcamp. “This is a mixture of all rooted flavors from different blocks, going back to the roots of accession. BRWN.”

The project seems to be a family affair: produced by Ahwlee, vocals by Pink Siifu, mixed & mastered by Swarvy, and it comes with a 15-minute film by Mndsgn & Alima Lee featuring seven tracks by B. Cool-Aid , which you can watch below.

Listen to the album below, or alternatively here via Spotify or here via Apple Music.

B. Cool-Aid Tracks Featured in the BRWN Short Film:

“Outro” ft Akeema-Zane
“Cocoa” (does not appear on the album)

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