Mix: Elmattic – B-Bop for B-Boys (Take 3)

Mix: Elmattic – B-Bop for B-Boys (Take 3)

Elmattic: “The passing of Donald Byrd last month got me thinking about jazz’s influence on hip hop. Robbie of Unkut came through with the ten greatest Donald Byrd samples, which is a tribute to the man’s work and his (unacknowledged and unknown, possibly to him too) contribution to some truly classic cuts. And that doesn’t include ‘Buck ‘Em Down,’ ‘Self Destruction’ and ‘Fear Of A Black Planet,’ just for starters.”


“So we owe Donald Byrd for a heavy grip of classics. Peace to him for that. Thing is though, while you could do a great ‘Donald Byrd Sample Mix,’ it wouldn’t sound all that… jazzy. Samples get cut up, flipped, slapped, tweaked and the result hits the groove but a lot of times far from the source – which is one of hip hop’s great achievements: the artistic transformation of sounds.”

All credits go to Elmattic for this jazz-inspired hip hop mix. Read his full piece on Donald Byrd, hip hop and jazz here; above is just an excerpt. The third take of B-Bop for B-Boys features tracks by Guru, Mr. Moods, Masta Ace, Mononome, Eric B & Rakim, Apple Juice Kid, DJ Premier, and more.

Conflict (DJ Critical Hype Blend) – Guru (feat. Masta Ace)

Ill Street Blues (Rework Instrumental) – STS

Stand Up (Ode to Allen Ginsberg’s Beat Memories) – DJ Hellblazer

Blue & Green – Mr. Moods

The Second Shoot – Planet Soap

Morning – Maliks

Nonverbal Communication – Rob Swift & Dave McMurray

Endless Nights – Mononome

When the Dust Settles – Kurtis Sp

Pot Belly – Rob Swift & Lou Donaldson

Hypnotic – Eric B. & Rakim

Step Right Up – PremRock

Lagoona’s Bliss – Live Human

Chi Nike ‘e Pedi – DJ Manueli

Mont – Bil Basmala

Iron Head – U.X.O.

A Different Blues – Apple Juice Kid

Piano Fragments – Bones The Beat Head

I’m The Man (Instrumental) – DJ Premier

Loungin’ – Guru & Donald Byrd

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