Free Download: Asheville Beat Tape Vol. 2 (2011)

Free Download: Asheville Beat Tape Vol. 2 (2011)

Asheville is the 11th largest city in North Carolina with a population of around 85,000 people, and if this compilation is anything to go on, a thriving and dynamic experimental beat scene. Organized by local DJ and producer Nigel One, this compilation is the second edition of beats crafted entirely by musicians from the Asheville Beat Tape Collective. There are some definite hot fire lava beats on here inspired by the growing beat movement.

I think it is great to see an all local compilation like this, and coming from a city that isn’t really all that big. This is a very diverse and vibrant collection of beats that definitely merits a listen and I mean, it’s free, so download it and bump these beats hard!

1. Nigel One – 80 02:22
2. EmE – th e air 02:51
3. Panther God – sommerset 03:47
4. JRR Foolkiller – Try 04:48
5. Mingle – The Third Riff 02:35
6. Gai Cambel – The Forth 02:02
7. The Witchcraft Scientist – Witchcraft Bionics 04:40
8. d:Raf – Transfer instr. 03:19
9. Mother Hood – pull ups 03:06
10. Boy In Sleep – blood like animals 03:01
11. P3RIPH3RAL – Star Cluster 05:56
12. Futexture – Flake 04:15
13. B God – Dubcore 04:31
14. PlayLow – Sudden Prefixes 05:04
15. Moving Temple – movinonup 03:51
16. Samuel Paradise – East Coast Bump 05:08
17. Madlock aka David Mathes – LAENEM 04:41

Free Download

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