Free Download: Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol. I

Free Download: Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol. I

The debut album titled Beat Sutras Vol. I by producer Astroboter is full of short musical stories, sample-syllables and continuous beats. The essence of this release leans on the origins of instrumental hip hop, while the samples derive from psychedelic and progressive rock to classic music and indigenous cultures. Instrumental kamasutra for your ears.

“Sounds Of Psylence” kicks off with heavy breakbeats, and “Maester & Scholar” is slightly comparable to Japanese hip hop productions with its looped piano keys and touching sample usage. Planned as an ongoing series in the future, Beat Sutras Vol. I reflects the sample-driven aspect of Astroboter’s musical merits. The album is available as (free) download and as limited edition cassette. Download or purchase Beat Sutras Vol. I below, highly recommended.

Astroboter: “If you compare the Astroboter debut album to a feature film, then this record can be seen as the outtakes and bonus material which enhances the prolific and vast history of the meta-mystic power shaped like a robot. The MPC implemented in his belly functions as a sketchbook, scribbling sonic notes about the numerous deeds he committed through his infinite existence.”

1. Mara (Prologue) 01:57
2. Sounds Of Psylence 01:53
3. Blunted Borys 01:52
4. Maester & Scholar 02:18
5. The Flood 02:43
6. Ex Voto 04:18
7. Isca 02:47
8. Fire Sermon 02:26

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