One man’s gettin’ off stage is another man’s gettin’ on stage. The almighty People Under The Stairs is no more. But it’s amazing to see a younger generation still looking up to them.

People Under Detroit is the debut collaboration by emcee L.A.Z. (of Clear Soul Forces) and DJ/producer illadope. By way of this tribute over beats by Thes One, they present themselves to the world as Da Illaz.

“Mike and Chris laid the blueprint for what we wanna be as a group and showed me the deeper meaning of what an MC is and how it’s bigger than just the stage,” explains L.A.Z. on their Bandcamp page. illadope adds: “In 2013, Thes dropped a wooden box of vinyl with various unreleased People Under The Stairs beats and other goodies. I was fortunate to grab one and that is what the project is sourced from.”

Listen to the full album below, download it for free or name your price to support: