Free Download: DJ Concept – Flight Patterns (2012)

Free Download: DJ Concept – Flight Patterns (2012)

Last month DJ Concept boarded a flight from JFK (New York) to LAX (Los Angeles). Using nothing but Parliament & Funkadelic samples, all the tracks on this album were made during that one flight. “Flight Patterns” is the result of quadruple espresso and in-seat power supply on that 6-hour flight.

And if you’re a fan of the tv show Dexter, also check out DJ Concept’s M99: Dexter Beat Tape. Dark soundscapes created completely with samples from the score of the show.

1. Black Holes 03:56
2. Now That I Know 03:32
3. Suck My Soul Interlude 00:16
4. Hey Baby 03:15
5. Howling At The Universe 02:18
6. Into You (aka Deep) 03:05
7. Maggot Minded Interlude 00:23
8. Good Drink, Strong Smoke 03:21
9. Let The Beat Infect Your Mind 03:29
10. Luscious Bitch Interlude 00:41
11. Californication 03:22
12. Sacred Phenomenon Outro 00:47

Free Download

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