Free Download: G-DO & Xception – The Otherside

Free Download: G-DO & Xception – The Otherside

G-DO & Xception have been real busy working on new releases, especially after Xception moved shop to Amsterdam to live closer to producer G-DO. Since that move, both have crafted a ton of new music with a slate of 5 new releases to come, with The Otherside being the first of those. 

This is a much different piece of work than we’re used to hearing from G-DO and Xception as they shifted away from using their soulful, jazzy sounds along with samples. Instead, they opted for a darker and rawer sound with more live instrumentation showcasing their versatility. Xception blends rhymes with this change in production by detailing the darker side in life’s triumphs and struggles.



Manan is from Illinois (born close to Chicago) and currently in Florida for school. His love for hip hop started with the up-and-coming Northwest scene, and has led to him become fully submerged in hip hop culture. Other interests include crate digging, ultimate (frisbee), and reading sci-fi/fantasy.