Free Download: David Begun – Marvin Jay

Free Download: David Begun – Marvin Jay

In the past, we’ve already appointed the title of mashup king to Amerigo Gazaway, but David Begun is a close runner-up…

This time he blends music by two of the best to ever do it: vocals from Marvin Gaye combined with Dilla productions.  Or as David puts it nicely: “The Prince of Soul working with Detroit’s finest. The result is what maybe it would look like if these two musical geniuses had not been separated by time and circumstance.”

Following mashups of Common and Blu and the fun Nasimoto album, Marvin Jay is another excellent mashup album–despite it being a tricky job to touch classic material such as Donuts and Marvin’s golden voice.

Download Marvin Jay for free below, or Name Your Price to support David Begun!

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