Free Download: Kamaal Williams vs. Wu-Tang (Snips Re-edits)

Wuuu! This makes a good story. We completely get why it’s written in all-caps on his Bandcamp page: “SNIPS WENT AND FLIPPED THE WHOLE ALBUM, THEN CILVARINGZ HEARD IT AND SENT IT TO RZA. AND HERE WE HAVE IT. FROM THE WU DYNASTY DIRECT TO WU TANG.”

Back to normal typing: producer Snips flipped Kamaal Williams’ The Return album with Wu-Tang material, resulting in ten dope re-edits combining Kamaal’s jazz-funk/fusion with Wu-Tang ruggedness. Henry Wu (or should we say, Henry Wu-Tang?) on Twitter: “I made ‘The Return’ in the hope that someone would flip that album. K15 one is coming next.” That sounds promising!

Download the re-edits below for free, but we encourage you to “name your price” to support the Black Focus family.