Free Download: MetaMorph – Shredded (2011)

Free Download: MetaMorph – Shredded (2011)

‘Shredded’ by MetaMorph can be described as the common “soundground” of artists like Emancipator, Moby and Sigur Ros. It takes elements from hip hop, rock, downtempo, electronica, drum ‘n bass and beautifully glues them all together, forming an alternative and unique soundscape.

The EP’s concept revolves around Keith Park‘s unusual paper art, some of it being used as individual song covers and featured in the digital booklet. Summarized, it depicts the story of a man whose character and personality are being “shredded” by a life changing experience.

‘Shredded’ is not a dime a dozen as one of the many free production-based Bandcamp downloads. Labeling this EP as just hip hop won’t do justice. The dark tunes by the Romanian producer flirt with trip hop and downtempo electronic influences and feel like a sinister soundtrack to the climax of a psychological thriller. Tracks with a schizophrenic nature that leave you confused, but eager to hear more.

1. Collide & Collapse (Prologue I) 03:18
2. As Conscience Decays… 04:02
3. Made In Silence, Made So Silent 02:46
4. Silkuts 03:45
5. Knifest 02:22
6. Birds Of Pray 04:31
7. This Journey Bends Here 02:16

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