Free Download: Misuccc – Soul Food (2011)

Free Download: Misuccc – Soul Food (2011)

After the debut album Inside.Edistou‘, we’re very glad Belgian producer Misuccc reached out to us with his brand new release, ‘Soul Food’.

As the name implies, expect some soulful instrumentals on this one. It’s the second release on the Deaf People Audio label and it’s available for free. As a bonus track, you’ll find a remix of Busta Rhymes’ ‘I Love My Chick’ in this download. A horrible song, but Misuccc makes it sound good!

1. Peace Of Mind
2. Koukou
3. Tauhiti
4. Soul Food
5. I’m So
6. L’air D’aitre
7. Hold Yourself
8. Coastin’
9. Love Steps
10. Check It Out
11. Quirky
12. Zaza
13. Boem Bap
14. Happy Days
15. And i Try
16. The Bad Man

Free Download

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