Free Download: Mr. Moods – Strings of Life (2012)

Is it too obvious to say that Mr. Moods lives up to his name? Because if superbly crafted moody instrumentals are your bag, then Mr. Moods’ Strings of Life will earn a place on your evening trip-hop playlist somewhere between DJ Krush and Portishead.  

1. The strings of life
2. Strap-on
3. Burst into flames
4. Hanging around
5. Ultraviolence (with Lr-60)
6. Mystical power
7. Cracked head
8. Impressions
9. Rampage
10. It’s quite something
11. Trapped
12. This is how we roll
13. Until now !
14. Beautiful darkness
15. Tell me that you love me
16. Istanbul
17. Voie lactée
18. Heartbeat

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