Free Download: Qwazaar & Batsauce – Bat Meets Blaine Remixes (2012)

Chicago indie rap kings Galapagos4 present a free album of the remixes from Qwazaar (of Typical Cats) & Batsauce’s album Bat Meets Blaine. The album features remixes by Galapagos4 family Maker and Batsauce himself as well as Willie Evans Jr, Paten Locke and the remix contest winner Wes Restless. 

1. Thanks (Pore Remix)
2. A Choice (Paten Locke Remix)
3. I Know (Willie Evans Jr Remix)
4. Never Weaker (Maker Remix)
5. Chop Em Down (Batsauce Remix)
6. Shake (Batsauce Remix)
7. Eye To The Sky (Jackson Jones Remix)
8. If It Seems Wrong (Batsauce Remix)
9. Power (Silence Remix)
10. What Love (Wes Restless Remix)
11. I’m Gone (Batsauce Remix)
12. Style Be The King (Batsauce Remix)

Free Download


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