Free Download: Raadsel – Happy Tragedy (2011)

Free Download: Raadsel – Happy Tragedy (2011)


Raadsel, real name Peter Moolenaar, is a young beat producer from the Netherlands. He is good friends with Luisterwaar who we interviewed a while ago. He’s an artist on Saturate Records and has also worked with Lomechanik (a Dutch electronic collective/label). Raadsel features on the beat compilation “Zonnebrand” and also on the well known beat compilation by Saturate Records called “Saturated“, featuring many other Saturate Records artists.

‘Happy Tragedy’ is Raadsel’s solo debut on Saturate Records. He’ll tell you himself how he got there:

“I started making beats in 2008 and in 2010 I got invited via SoundCloud to play at a party in Nijmegen(NL) at Elektrisch Kafe. Krampfhaft was playing too and he liked what I did so he told me that he would give my name to Saturate Record. I said I knew some other good producers from my town (Subp Yao, Luisterwaar, Kijkeenster) and the week after that I recieved an message on SoundCloud from Saturate and so it started to roll. Crazy stuff going on, and this EP (Happy Tragedy) is what came out of that period!”

1. Trapped in a Cave
2. Dogbite
3. Happy Tragedy
4. Resurrection
5. Tissue Box with Luisterwaar
6.  Slave Factory
7. Happy Tragedy Dj Pound Remix
8. Dogbite Subp Yao remix
9. Dogbite Luisterwaar Remix
10. Dogbite Kijkeenster & Roestvogel Remix
11. Happy Tragedy Manni Dee Remix

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