Free Download: The Side Steps Quintet – 48 Hours With The Side Steps Quintet

Only one day after our last NZ plug here’s another great little release from New Zealand. Coincidence? We don’t think so, because the music scene on the small island in the Pacific seems blooming. Sounds are often soulful, jazzy and progressive. This EP by The Side Steps Quintet is no exception.

Producers @Peace (on this project credited as Dandruff Dicky) and Harbour City Electric (Si Res) join forces for this collective named The Side Steps Quintet. Vocalists Tyra Hammond (of the Open Souls), Hone Be Good & Tonga Vaea (Oui Groove) join the jazz school drop kicks turned bedroom button pushers.

The combination results in 7 tracks packed with smooth neo-soul, refreshing hip hop, and some subtle electronic touches.  Or to put it in their words: “Beats for those that like theirs marked by an absence of cleanliness, order and neatness.” Thanks to Mark of FryBread Radio for this recommendation.

1. Time Spent 02:53
2. The Feel 04:26
3. Cut Grass 03:16
4. Kuala Lumpur 01:27
5. Day One 03:28
6. Follow 03:52

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