Free Download: The Sound Providers – Discography

Free Download: The Sound Providers – Discography

No, we’re not bootlegging. The Sound Providers (hands down our favourite production duo of all time) just released their entire discography for FREE. No catch, just select the music you’d like and download it for free. From their first single from 1998 (below) to True Indeed with Surreal, to all 12″ records, to their compilation album Looking Backwards: 2001 – 1998, to remixes, to a promo 7 inch… if we say everything, we mean everything.

In our interview back in 2010, Soulo mentioned there’s new stuff in the works, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for new music by The SP.

“There is a time for hustling, and a time for sharing. For us the the latter is upon us. We made music because we loved it, and hoped to contribute to the art. We hope you enjoy the music in the same way that we enjoyed making it. If you are feeling the vibe, download it, share it, tell your friends. Keep on enjoying the music.” – Soulo & Jason Skills

Free Download

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