Free Download: Trunk Bound Regime – No More Passes

Free Download: Trunk Bound Regime – No More Passes

Dayton Ohio presents Trunk Bound Regime, a group of mc’s and producers who have come together to create this album showcasing a wide range of hip-hop styles. Blessed with rhymes addressing both issues in their local community and in the world at large, combined with an enigmatic delivery, Trunk Bound Regime proclaim to make both musical and social change.

Stand out tracks include the second track ‘What U Gonna Do!?’, which is laced with a disco funk guitar riff and optimistic rhymes that creates a real feel good atmosphere to kick the album off. ‘Alright feat. Kenny Pyles’ brings us back to the true principles in hip-hop and presents an attitude of staying true to your own style will eventually pay off, the jazzy beat rides this one along nicely. ‘Stay Up feat. Jason Jordan, Mike Digi & Tyquan’ is a throwback to simpler times and a reminder to live each day to the fullest.

There are some weaker tracks on the album but overall it is a very satisfying and listenable ride, for a debut release it’s one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

1. I’m Still In 03:29
2. What U Gonna Do!? 02:19
3. Keep On feat. Milk Man 03:13
4. Freedom feat. Boo Deadly 03:57
5. Forever 02:50
6. Wild Midwest 03:25
7. Trunk Bound & Eklypz feat. Eklypz Period & DJ Pluto 03:33
8. Gem City Get Down feat. Alien Ness, Picket Fence & Tyquan 05:58
9. Alright feat. Kenny Pyles 02:41
10. The Raw Sound feat. Dub 7 & Bah Supa 02:15
11. Smokin’ Song feat. Seth Rock 04:18
12. Halfway There feat. Eklypz Period & Chasta 03:55
13. Anything feat. Eklypz Period 03:03
14. Wheels Turning feat. Dagnabit & F.O.R.C.E. 03:27
15. Soul Free feat. Jessica Phenis 03:40
16. Stay Up feat. Jason Jordan, Mike Digi & Tyquan 03:19
17. Living My Life feat. NBOT 03:50
18. Negativity feat. JK-47 & Infamous R.O.G. 05:12
19. Rhymin’ With B 02:11

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