Free Download: Young Monk – You Ever See An Acapella Get Beat Up? (2012)

“You Ever See An Acapella Get Beat Up?” is the first collaborative effort by Chocolate Milk and Young Monk. It’s a collection of mash-ups of material by independent production talents like Gloam, The Jazzment, and Vanilla with a stellar cast of vocals by the likes of Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, AZ, and One Be Lo.

Music: Step by Step (Austin Millz – Come back & AZ – City Of Gods)

With this collection Young Munk and Chocolate Milk want to showcase the considerable talents of a new wave of hip hop beat making excellence. Most of the beats on this album are released for free. So if you like what you hear, simply search Bandcamp to download or purchase the instrumental(s). Enjoy this collection if you’re into mashed up styles and merging hip hop generations. Step By Step is our favourite off this compilation.

1. Gintroduction
2. Da Mystery of Horns (Small Prof – Bone Marrow & Wu-Tang – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’)
3. I, Jesus (Ghostface Killah & Je$u$ I)
4. Curtis’s Sincere (Handbook – Curtislives & AZ – So Sincere)
5. Noire’s Back (The Jazzment – Noire & Rakim – Guess who’s back)
6. Ninja Appreciations (Handbook – Ninja & CL Smooth – Appreciate)
7. Step by Step (Austin Millz – Come back & AZ – City of gods)
8. Doomlude
9. Morning, Soul Provider (Vanilla – Morning sun & Blu – Soul provider)
10. 4, 3, 2, 1, Mountains! (Handbook – Mountains & One Be Lo – Rocketship)
11. A Lesson from the MVP (L’orange – The teacher & Big L – MVP)
12. Entitlement? (Handbook – Entitlement & Nas – It ain’t hard to tell)
13. Book of Sweet Rhymes (Rkappa – Sweet love & Nas – Book of rhymes)
14. Bedtime Rain (Gloam – Operain & AZ – Bedtime story)
15. Phar from done
16. *bonus* The Soul Provider’s Second Chance (Vanilla – A chance & Blu – Soul provider)
17. *bonus* It Ain’t Hard by the Book (Handbook – By the hand & Nas – It ain’t hard to tell)

Free Download