Free MP3: Art Vandelay – To You

Free MP3: Art Vandelay – To You

This new track by producer Art Vandelay is full of heavy jazz sampling; Count Basie meets Bobby McFerrin meets Duke Ellington. “To You” was made without using the grid on Ableton Live, so it’s pretty free form and unquantized.

Vandelay: “Duke Ellington and Count Basie are two of the most influential jazz composers, responsible for countless jazz standards. Bobby McFerrin has probably influenced hip hop more than many realize with his vocal rhythms and general use of his body as an instrument. I felt like the three of them made a natural trio. Most of the percussion sounds are manipulated field recordings of mine.”

Head over to Art Vandelay’s Soundcloud page for new remixes of Digable Planets’ “9th Wonder (Blackitolism)” and Dr. Octagon’s “Blue Flowers”.


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