Free MP3: DJ Mace (Fremdkunst) – Transit Line Ecstacy

Free MP3: DJ Mace (Fremdkunst) – Transit Line Ecstacy

With the kick-off of the interdisciplinary project SEE-A-SOUND right around the corner, DJ Mace drops his contribution as a free sneak peek. The track is called ‘Transit Line Ecstacy’ and was inspired by the graphic work of Boris ‘Delta‘ Tellegen (below).

For SEE-A-SOUND, ten designers are paired with ten producers to collaboratively build a song and corresponding artwork. Through ‘ping-ponging’ their work at various stages throughout the creative process, the artists will alter their piece according to their partner’s reactions. This method will lead to the creation of a song that is integrally linked to a piece of visual art. DJ Mace’s ‘Transit Line Ecstacy’ and Delta’s artwork below are two of the final results.

This song will appear on the SEE-A-SOUND vinyl record, accompanied by nine more tracks by the likes of Jameszoo, DJ Optimus, Soosh, Kelpe, DJ Grazzhoppa, and more. It’s available soon through Rush Hour and over at the exhibition in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

The exhibition takes place from January 27th till April 20th. Stop by if you get a chance to see and hear all collaborative results. You’ll also get a free pocketsize expo-magazine with interviews, artworks, articles and related content, brought to you by The Find Magazine!

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