Listen: Pete Flux & Parental – Warming Up (Forthcoming Traveling Thought EP)

The transatlantic collaboration of Atlanta’s Pete Flux and Parisian producer Parental are gearing up to release their highly anticipated follow up to their 2012 10″ record Right Here. As a taste of the forthcoming EP, the duo have dropped the first single “Warming Up”.

Trust me when I say you will want to pick up this EP on vinyl. Akromegalie Records stay killing it with limited physical releases, and this latest effort is no different. Through sublime jazzed up instrumentals from Kalhex beatmaker Parental, emcee Pete Flux finds himself in a blooming musical environment where he can deftly augment and modify the instrumental roots with his rhymes like botanist in a greenhouse. The EP will drop on March 18th and features the whole Kalhex crew on one track, the legendary Rob-O of InI, singer Jonnae Thompson, as well as a review by myself on the back of the vinyl record.

Reserve one of the 500 limited edition vinyl records by pre-ordering from Bandcamp or