Listen: CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Vol. 3

The CunninLynguists have decided to drop Strange Journey Vol. 3, a bit earlier then expected due to a leak. Strange Journey Vol. 3 is an interesting take on creating an album as the CunninLynguists went to the fans to act as an A&R by choosing things like the cover art, the features that appear on the album, and some of the themes and concepts on certain tracks. The album features notable emcees like Murs, RA Scion (of Common Market), Blu, Substantial and many more with Kno handling most of the production.

Kno has really cemented himself as one of the better producers in the game right now as he really evolved his sound with a dark, almost somber sound on many of the albums tracks. Deacon and Natti are not to be forgotten as they drop rhymes with a distinct southern influence and without being overshadowed by the guest features.