Listen: Melodiesinfonie – Friede Freude

It’s pretty crazy to think that Swiss beatmaker Melodiesinfonie is only just releasing his debut album, but nevertheless Friede Freude is the dude’s first full length solo project, now available digitally and on vinyl. Pushing his sound to the next level, Melodiesinfonie explores all facets of beats with electronics and jazz styles as well as featuring several singers.

On tracks like “From Inside Out” and “Ja$$ Pt. 90” the young producer pays homage to the jazzy side of his musical palate, a sound that has played a major role in the diffusion of his music around the world. Many of the other beats play with a fusion of jazz aesthetics with woozy experimentalism, showing his musical evolution and versatility while remaining loosely tied to boom bap foundations. Three tracks feature female singers that add beautiful sonic elevation to the already superb sound. These slow and warped future soul gems are a very exciting step in a new direction for one of the brightest voices in the global beat scene. All in all, Melodiesinfonie’s debut LP brilliantly pulls together disparate fringes of beatmaking culture, bringing a whole movement together in one cohesive package that represents his own voice. This is a strikingly powerful message of our times and sign for the future of things to come.