Listen: Segawa Tatsuya feat. Uyama Hiroto – Huge Wave

Listen: Segawa Tatsuya feat. Uyama Hiroto – Huge Wave

Dropping on recently founded Japanese label, Roph Recordings, is a new single and 7″ produced by Segawa Tatsuya featuring Uyama Hiroto. In the past, Segawa played an integral role in the Hydeout Productions family, acting as Nujabes’ live DJ and opening act. Roph Recordings is a recent offshoot of the Hydeout legacy founded by Segawa and Koizumi Takimi (former manager of Nujabes & Hydeout).

This new 7″ single is a follow up to the very first release from the label, a 12″ single from Uyama Hiroto titled Waltz for Life ~song for children~. Segawa Tatsuya’s Huge Wave vinyl record is inspired by his passion for surfing, taking inspiration from the power of the rolling currents of the ocean. Remarkably, the progressive instrumental manages to express the oceanic duality of turbulence and serenity. Pulsating tides of jazz ebb and flow through various movements of the piece, emulating the surging waves and tides of an ocean.

While the “Huge Wave” track is available digitally, the B-side “Silent Of SEMINYAK” is a vinyl exclusive release inspired by the DJ/Producer’s recent trip to Southeast Asia. On this vinyl only track, Uyama Hiroto plays the traditional Indonesian suling, a type of bamboo flute. Don’t miss out on this brilliant Japanese vinyl release which is available all over Japan as well as overseas at and Vinyl-Digital.


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