Our New Vinyl Record: Jazzvolution Chapter Two (Full Tracklist, First Track by L’Orange & Pre-orders)

Over half a year in the making, Jazzvolution Chapter Two is The Find’s brand new instrumental compilation exploring the deep connections between hip-hop and jazz.

Each compilation focuses on the progression of the art of beatmaking. The series features beats rooted in hip-hop’s golden era, when producers recontextualized sounds by way of sampling. Chapter Two also features a new wave of beatmakers who have evolved into self-taught (multi-)instrumentalists, broken free from their MPC or SP. 

This new edition features both previously unreleased and newly created tracks. Music by artists from the USA, Japan, Russia, France, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands (full tracklist below). With, just as the first edition, beautiful artwork for the cover and labels by Lara Gomez.

Listen to “The Talkative Mailman Can’t Read” by L’Orange as the first taster, followed up by another preview track a week before the full release on January 18th.

The record is now available for pre-order via HHV.

Full Tracklist

Side A
01. Amerigo Gazaway – Building Blocks
02. L’Orange – The Talkative Mailman Can’t Read
03. Surreal – James And The Giant Stereo
04. Shin-Ski – Nova
05. Propo’88 – Because I’m Buggin’
06. Bobby Obsy – Beat Noir

Side B
07. LTF – Kalypso
08. Tensei – Good Try
09. Cosmic Analog Ensemble – In Beer Ads Glasses Are Always Full
10. Medline – Eclipse
11. Mindswimmer – Water Is Clear, pt. 1

Release date: January 18th

Pre-Order Vinyl / Alternative Streaming