Stream: Sax Machine – Reloop EP

Stream: Sax Machine – Reloop EP

Sax Machine is a hip hop/jazz group with members from France and the USA. Hard bop, afro beat, jazz, funk and hip hop collide into a new alloy on this recently released EP titled Reloop.

Lyricist RacecaR (of Modill) brings a Native Tongue flavor to the mix, and emcee Jay Ree delivers conscious lyrics and soulful old school vibes. Sax Machine is a project founded by saxophonist Guillaume Sené (of another jazzy hip hop collective named Like Jam) and trombonist Pierre Dandin. It transforms the art of improvisation into a mesmerizing brass colored groove mixed and merged with loopers and machines.

The EP (available as full stream below) is now available on CD and at digital retailers iTunes, Amazon and Fnac.


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