Teaser: ‘The Find Rewind’ (We take you back to the 90’s)

Blow the dust off your tape deck and get nostalgic, because The Find Magazine is taking you back to the 90’s. We’re releasing a 90-minute compilation – as an actual cassette tape!

‘The Find Rewind’ is an instrumental beat tape with tracks from a wide array of producers. Expect jazzy trumpets, soulful sounds, boom bap beats, some electronic vibes and everything in between. Hip Hop is the basis of this beat tape, but the aforementioned influences are evident. And the best part: basically all tracks are previously unreleased or brand new!

Producers from all over the world participated on this project. Some offered a previously unreleased instrumental, others hooked us up with new music straight from the lab. Kero One, Headnodic (of Crown City Rockers), Dela, Free The Robots, Destruments, Full Crate, Stro The 89th Key (formerly of The Procussions), Suff Daddy, Pat D, Weedy (of 40 Winks) and much more are part of this project. 24 producers in total, 90 minutes of music. The full tracklist is added to the download of the teaser on our Bandcamp.

Besides that, illustrator Matt Andres made an exclusive artwork for the tape, we have Panacea’s K-Murdock as the host of ‘The Find Rewind’ and producer/DJ Doctrations made a digital mix for those of you without a tape deck (each purchase contains a unique code to download that).

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Enjoy this teaser, we’ll release the beat tape itself very soon. We are going to sell a limited edition of 100 copies non profit, purely to support the artists and to please you, the listener. Visit this website, follow us on Twitter (@thefindmag) or join us on Facebook to stay updated about ‘The Find Rewind’.

Want to make sure you can grab a copy right after the release? Then send us an e-mail on info[@]thefindmag.com and we’ll set one aside for you. ‘The Find Rewind’, coming this month!

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