Galaktic Rogue – Villainz4Life (Beat Tape)

Galaktic Rogue – Villainz4Life (Beat Tape)

Fueled by rare European grooves, psychedelia, soundtrack records, and old school superhero cartoon skits, ‘Villainz4Life’ marks the coming of Russian producer Galaktic Rogue.

Galaktic Rogue seems to be a man of few words. But something that came up in an early conversation with him, speaks volumes: “Rip It Up and Start Again.” With the phrase, he expressed how he wants to break free from a couple of previous loop-digging and MPC-tapping aliases. At the same time, the nod to a post-punk book and early 80s song gives away a bit of his own origin story.

Even more so after he’s only shared just one photo on any of his unsocial media: his MPC2000XL & SP-404SX setup, with a poster of new wave/post-punk band Siouxsie and The Banshees next to comic-style Madvillain, covering the last bit of visible wall between hundreds of cassette tapes, vinyl records, a Doctor Doom collectible figure, a shelved Akai LPK25 MIDI keyboard, and stacks of CDs.

Back to the “Rip it up” part: that’s what Galaktic Rogue shows on his ‘Villainz4Life’ beat tape. No drum break or obscure groove was safe. The heavy beats are intertwined with old-school skits to tell the story of Galaktic Rogue. Well, as far as his enigmatic persona can be considered a singular storyline. As a wise metal-faced villain once said, “There’s four sides to every story.”

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