Top 30: Songs To Make Love To

Top 30: Songs To Make Love To
30. Akinyele – Put It In Your Mouth

Akinyele was always a dirty rapper, and this track was one of his most explicit sexualized tracks. It isn’t gonna be near the climax of your sexy times playlist, but it can definitely start out a freaky and dirty bedroom session.

 29. Eazy E – Gimme That Nut

I’m pretty sure you have heard this ridiculous nasty rap from the late great Eazy E. Sonically this song is not all that sexy, but just the recognizability and over the top rhymes make this a hilariously dirty song to spice up  intimate heavy petting.

28. Nujabes – Luv (Sic) Pt. 3 feat. Shing02

Hip hop beat legend Nujabes had so many incredible tracks, and some of his best were part of the Luv (Sic) series. Part 3 is probably the sexiest of the series and definitely a must for any Nujabes fan when entering the realm of a bedroom.

 27. Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love

Really, any sexy time playlist would be incomplete without some good old soul music. Our first entry on this top 30 list is from Minnie Riperton with one of her sexiest and most recognizable hits “Inside My Love”. The whole instrumental is quite sensual indeed (including some recognizable samples) and also her sexualized lyrics make this a great song.

26. Knxwledge – Seent Yew

Modern beat virtuoso, Knxwledge, has been releasing a series of beat tapes titled Hexual Sealings. Through various volumes he has dropped a great deal of sexified instrumentals. This remix of Anthony Hamilton’s “Since I Seen’t You” is one of our favourites.

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