Top 30: Songs To Make Love To

Top 30: Songs To Make Love To
25. Blowfly – Virgo

Blowfly is the king of dirty funk and soul. His whole persona is based around re-imagined covers of popular soul tracks with totally inappropriate lyrics. This cover of Eddie Floyd’s “I’ve Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)” is one of his best sensual yet still raunchy tracks.

24. Prince – Insatiable

Prince is really one of the most sensual artists of all time, and there are so many of his tracks that could have made this list. We settled with “Insatiable” simply because of the video that accompanies the track and availability of the song, although we really recommend you take a listen through the rest of his catalogue to find some more gems of musical sensuous bliss.

23. Ta-Ku – I Love You

The characteristic blend of hip hop and electronic styles found throughout the futurebeats movement often lends a smooth musical caress to sex. Australian beatholic Ta-Ku has dropped a stupid amount of sexualized instrumentals, one of his biggest is from his Soulection 2011 Soulection debut 24.

22. Disclosure – What’s In Your Head 

The next futurebeats entry on our list is from UK breakout garage/house duo Disclosure. This track is an uptempo dancefloor jam with lustful vocal sample stabs that can lead to a friendly bedroom wrestling match.

21. J Dilla – Crushin’

Non stop bangin’ like a Dilla instrumental”… Yeah. There are quite a few sexy Dilla beats and tracks about sex from him or Slum Village, but this track stands out over the others for the raw hard-hitting beat.

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