Video: DJ Nu-Mark – Tonight (ft. J-Live, M3 & Erica Dee)

Video: DJ Nu-Mark – Tonight (ft. J-Live, M3 & Erica Dee)

“Tonight” is the new single off the upcoming DJ Nu-Mark solo debut Broken Sunlight, which is rolled out as a 10″ vinyl series over seven months. The addition of J-Live, M3 & Erica Dee to this track make it one hell of a combo.

After more than three years of brainstorming, experimenting and collaborating, he has finished his debut solo project Broken Sunlight, which reveals his influences and innovations into a jaw dropping collection of heartfelt music. Uncle Nu: “At the end of the cycle, I’m going to release the full album with instrumentals, accapelas, and a documentary style DVD of my collaborations in the studio and on the road.”

Head over to Nu-Mark’s website to order releases in the 10″ series on vinyl and usb, optionally with a Roller T-shirt. Download the songs “Tonight” and “Feel The Way About It” below for free.


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