Video: Jurassic 5 Reunion Show at Coachella (Full Set)

Video: Jurassic 5 Reunion Show at Coachella (Full Set)

This year seems to be all about hip hop veterans and reunion shows. A Tribe Called Quest is coming to Europe this Summer, Run DMC is confirmed for several festivals, a new Wu-Tang Clan album and tour are on its way, Lord Finesse is working on a comeback album, and last but not least: the hip hop dinosaurs of Jurassic 5 are back together for a bunch of reunion shows.

They first hit the stage on Coachella after a six-year hiatus for a set full of classic material. The aptly chosen “Back 4 You” officially kicks off their small tour of selected reunion shows on festivals in Europe, Japan and the US. Hopefully more dates will be announced soon. Billboard reports that there’s a documentary in the works about getting the group back together, and that new music ‘is not out of the question – just not on their current radar.’

Watch the full 1-hour set below featuring tracks like Break, Concrete Schoolyard, Improvise, Freedom, Jayou, Quality Control, and A Day At The Races (unfortunately without Percee P and Big Daddy Kane). Definitely make sure to also check the serious turntable damage by Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark around the 15-minute mark.


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