Video: Kero One – In All The Wrong Places

Video: Kero One – In All The Wrong Places

Since Kero One released his debut album Windmills of the Soulhe has become a fixture in the Bay Area jazz-hop scene, following up his debut with three and counting LP’s. Seven years after Kero One got his start with his debut, he has decided to put together a video for one of his best tracks, “In All the Wrong Places.” 

This song is a great showcase for Kero One’s original and fan-favorite sound, from the chill laid back vibes with a jazzy piano line to the smooth mellow flows from Kero.

As Kero describes this video, he decided to get a little “artsy” and it shows with some sweet story boarded illustrations coming to life through animation, while Kero drops in on a couple scenes as he is “looking for love.” Yet each time he thinks he has it, he’s not at the right place or time, but instead he’s learning and keeps hunting for that elusive partner.


Manan is from Illinois (born close to Chicago) and currently in Florida for school. His love for hip hop started with the up-and-coming Northwest scene, and has led to him become fully submerged in hip hop culture. Other interests include crate digging, ultimate (frisbee), and reading sci-fi/fantasy.