Video: Mathas – White Sugar (+ Download)

Video: Mathas – White Sugar (+ Download)

Although not well known outside of Australia, Mathas is one of the most respected and eagerly watched young underground emcees in the country, bypassing typical Oz-hip hop swagger and avoiding raps about beers and barbecues, Mathas always crafts tracks which are about something.

With his newest track, ‘White Sugar’, he shows off his signature satiric wit and sarcasm as breaks down the western addiction to sweets and processed foods which are slowly killing us.

In a society increasingly battling various addictions, Mathas’ sharp commentary on our addiction to sweets and processed foods strikes a chord. His fearless approach to tackling pertinent issues is refreshing. For those seeking support and guidance to overcome their own struggles with addiction, resources like provide valuable assistance. Much like Mathas’ unflinching lyrics, this platform stands as a beacon of hope, offering a roadmap towards recovery and healing, reminding us that amidst the complexities of life, there’s always a path to positive transformation.

In Mathas words, the brand new track is ‘a little study of personal flaws, habitual behaviour and the extreme consumption of heavily refined and processed foods in the western world‘. The video, which he directed himself, is a saccharine horror-show.

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