Videos: Melissa Czarnik & Eric Mire Band (Live)

Videos: Melissa Czarnik & Eric Mire Band (Live)

I honestly have to admit I can’t get into female MC’s most of the time. Don’t ask me why, I just prefer to hear male rappers – just as I prefer females when it comes to Soul music. Luckily sometimes I stumble upon something fresh, just like today.

Got an e-mail in our inbox about Melissa Czarnik, a female artist from Milwaukee (USA). Her music is really fresh, influenced by music such as Jazz, Soul and Funk. Just check out some of the videos we selected, I’m sure you’ll like it if you are into fresh music played with live instruments.

(On a sidenote: nice to see the guitarist wearing a LDBK-shirt!)

More info: Melissa Czarnik

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