Watch: Deca – Breadcrumbs & Gabriel Rachet

Watch: Deca – Breadcrumbs & Gabriel Rachet

While this video has been out for awhile, Deca’s work has clearly been slept on, so wake up for his incredible animated videos for his songs Breadcrumbs and Gabriel Rachet from his album The Ocean.

This mellowed out song chills the soul, and the incredible space themed animations care of Steven Martens take us on a galatic journey while the lyrics ponder the bigger questions. Don’t fret if one isn’t enough, there even is a second part with the song Grabriel Rachet.

Make sure you note the references to Paul Gauguin’s famous painting in the cuts. Check out the videos below, and we strongly recommend you to check the whole album here.

Mr. Rust

Mr. Rust is a hip hop producer/musician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He also enjoys hiking, camping and wrestling grizzly bears.