Mix: Graf Cratedigger – Private Selection (B)

Mix: Graf Cratedigger – Private Selection (B)

This is the second Private Selection mix, a two-part anthology by Polish producer Graf Cratedigger for The Find Mag. All-vinyl based on dope tracks from his vinyl collection and some of his own beats.

This edition features tracks by Soul Position, Gil Scott-Heron, D.I.T.C., Supastition, Samon Kawamura, Edan ft. Insight & more, nearly 50 minutes’ worth of music. The instantly sold-out Between on Queen Size Records is his upcoming release. Sixteen tracks, three emcees, two DJs, and a bass guitar player. And of course Graf himself on the MPC, old samplers, analog and digital synthesizers, and tons of vinyl.

Press play on Side B below, or head to Mixcloud to hear the first part of Private Selection.


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