Mix: Thijsenterprise – Beats or Swing, Both the Same Thing (WhoSampled Jazz Selection)

Mix: Thijsenterprise – Beats or Swing, Both the Same Thing (WhoSampled Jazz Selection)

After the release of his Lahringen record last Friday, Dutch producer/saxophone player Reinier Thijs b.k.a. Thijsenterprise was invited by WhoSampled to select his favorite cuts from jazz’s new generation. Better yet: jazz tracks inspired by hip-hop, rather than the other way around.

Think Ashley Henry taking on “The World Is Yours,” or James Brandon Lewis interpolating A Tribe Called Quest’s “Butter.” This mix explores his selection of hip-hop originals and contemporary jazz artists inspired by them, with also classics like ‘I Love Music’ by Ahmad Jamal Trio.

“The younger generation of jazz musicians—myself included—is as much inspired by Q-Tip as Coltrane, MPCs as Selmer saxophones, Dilla’s swing as Lou Donaldson’s groove… and that shows in our music.” – Thijsenterprise

Listen to the jazz/hip-hop mix below, or check out the full selection at WhoSampled. Thijsenterprise’s Lahringen is now available on all platforms and on 180 grams vinyl at the Bandcamp of Rucksack Records, and at record stores and retailers including Rough Trade, Juno, HHV Records, Disk Union (Japan), and others.

Jazz Samples Hip Hop: Reinier Thijs Selects His Favourite Cuts from Jazz’s New Generation (WhoSampled Feature)

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