News: Prof.Logik and Ackryte drop ‘BrushStrokes EP’

News: Prof.Logik and Ackryte drop ‘BrushStrokes EP’

So I heard about this project a little while back and was very excited for a clash of Ackryte’s jazz-drenched beats and Prof.Logik’s hazy dreamscapes. Yesterday the two friends dropped the project, called BrushStrokes, which can now be yours for only $5.

This is one of those albums that just goes so well with some fresh herbs… or you can just kick back and ride the blissed out beats with a nice warm cup of tea. Drift away from the turmoils and strife of the world and nod your head to the beat of the kicks and snares.

1. HighTide
2. CosmicFabric
3. RealTingDis
4. MetronOmm
5. RoundOfApplause


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