News: The return of Typical Cats

News: The return of Typical Cats

‘True school crew’ Typical Cats is in the final stages of completing their first studio album in 7 years. The new album will be complemented with a documentary about the history of the Chicago-based hip hop crew. You can support the project through a new Kickstarter campaign.

Qwel, Qwazaar, Denizen Kane, DJ Natural and Kid Knish need your support for pressing 3 on CD, mastering, and for shooting and editing the film. The crew notes that if the Kickstarter model works this time around, they plan to make more music in the next two years than they have in the last decade.

Denizen Kane describes the new full-length LP: “The live instrumentation of Civil Service have melded to yield a mélange of soul, jazz, funk, roots, radical politics, and a sly refusal to bend to the dictates of current fashion. (…) Highlights abound – me returning to my spoken word roots on ‘Denizen Walks Away,’ Qwel giving his early battle rap classics a run for their money on nickel-plated platters like ‘My Watch’ and ‘Gordeon Knock,’ and Qwazaar flexing uncanny musical intuition, anchoring the record with meditative efforts on ‘Puzzling Thing’ and ‘Reflections from the Porch’.

Pledge for limited edition T-shirts, posters, rare cassette versions of the self-titled release signed by Typical Cats members, a personalized outgoing message on your voicemail, pre-orders, and much more. Watch Qwel’s introduction below, followed by one of our all-time favorite Typical Cats tracks.

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