Review: People Under The Stairs – Highlighter

Two Drink Minimum

As many of you may already know, People Under The Stairs are one of the premiere¬†independent hip hop groups from Los Angeles, CA. They may actually have visited your home town more times than their own homes over this past decade. After a seemingly never ending string of albums and tours, the group gears up for yet another with ‘Highlighter‘.

Music: People Under The Stairs – Uprock Boogie

‘Highlighter’ plays like a twenty track salute to People Under the Stairs’ lifestyle and interests. Though their old school wordplay and light hearted/heavy handed subject matter may not be what every listener is looking for, after two or three drinks it would be hard not to enjoy this upbeat vibe accompanied by the contrast of unrefined lyricism and dynamic production. It may not be one for the ages; but this album has plenty of danceable songs that will keep a party going just as easily as bring the house down.

Much like the often referenced Chuck D, People Under The Stairs’ style is one that comes to life when experienced in person. There, in the crowd, faced with the raw energy and swinging sounds; starved for air and drowning in a sea of strangers, dancing like a drunken animal… that’s where I could really see this material coming to life. If you’re the type of head that wants progressive lyricism that you can analyze over and over again, it’s not on this album.

Music: People Under The Stairs – Mean Spirited

‘Highlighter’ is for those people who want to go out and experience good live hip hop, most of whom have probably already seen People Under The Stairs numerous times and will be happy to hear that they can expect plenty of new jams along with their old favorites this next time around. So go pick up ‘Highlighter’ and start memorizing your favorite tracks now, because these guys are coming your way very soon.