Free Download: L’Orange – Old Soul (2011)

Free Download: L’Orange – Old Soul (2011)

North Carolina-based producer L’Orange considers Billie Holiday to be one of the largest influences on his style. His project ‘Old Soul’ is comprised entirely of music sampling Billie and is dedicated to honouring the life of “one of the most innovative and soulful singers of all time”. The album is fantastically smooth and relaxing, full of beautiful vocal cuts and laid back jazzy beats.

1. Lost Souls (feat. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu) 03:23
2. The Good Shepherd 03:08
3. Her Sins 03:22
4. Halliday 01:25
5. The Audition 03:06
6. Cafe Society 01:29
7. Know Love 03:01
8. The Heroine 01:20
9. The Night 03:03
10. The Mourning 03:16

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