Pick Of The Week #33: Side Brain

Pick Of The Week #33: Side Brain

Bitches are on fire? Peaches on wire? We personally have no clue what the sample says in this song by Israeli producer Side Brain, but this beat kicks in hard… Reason enough to feature him in our Pick Of The Week series. 

Read the short interview, watch him playing with his monome and download his album ‘On The Second Moon Of Earth’ by naming your own price.


Can you tell us who you are?

I’m Yeuda Ben-Atar a.k.a. Side Brain 25 years old beat maker from Israel currently living in Los Angeles Land of the beats.

You are originally from Israel but now live in L.A, right, was it for the music that you moved?

No. My wife is American that lived in Israel where we met. She got a job offer from L.A. and asked me if I wanted to move. For me it was natural because my music was already mainly inspired from the L.A. beat scene.

Yeah definitely hear that influence, how long have you been making beats?

I picked up Fruity loops 0.8 in the six grade but got into beats 3 years ago. Right now I’m Ableton Live.

So you use Ableton Live, what hardware do you have?

I have a MPC 2000xl, Akai MPK61, Novation 25 SL MK2, Monome 64, RME Fireface 400, Dynaudio BM6 some hand build noise makers including a Dreamcast Arcade Stick. Oh, and a really old double organ called The Piper. I also use some mics to record stuff around the house.

Can you tell us about those hand built noise makers like the Dreamcast Arcade Stick?

A year ago when I just moved here I went to a friend’s place. I found this old Dreamcast controller that he didn’t use and agreed to give it to me. Now, I’m not a programmer but I’m a believer in the power of the internet. I went back home and ordered a Dreamcast plug to USB converter on eBay for 8 bucks and then downloaded a free app for the mac that convert the HID messages the Dreamcast controller sends to midi.

From then I just started jamming and thinking of creative ways to use those buttons and the stick. Everyone could do it with any old controller, you can find the instruction on my blog

What was it that made you want to make beats?

Was it this new sound of ‘wonky’ hip hop stuff (L.A. beat scene influences)?I always was into hip hop, especially old school 90′s hip hop but I craved that new sound. When I started hearing all those L.A. artists such as Daedelus and Flying Lotus I knew this is the music I want to make.

Hells yeah I’m glad you do, what are are few of your favorite releases in that genre?

Dibiase – Machines Hate Me‘, L.A. artist and a very cool dude

813 – Back in Space Jungle. A Russian dude

Eskmo – Eskmo‘, L.A. again with a killer sound, more dubstep oriented

Tokimonsta – Midnight Menu

Mike Slott

I’m curious, do you have a favorite song you’ve created?

It’s usually the last beat I made so in this case I must say ‘Jojo’ which was by the way made after I got home inspired seeing SAMIYAM live, But unfortunately it’s not on the album.

Yeah, that one is so sick, I put it on the first time and was like waaaaaaah? Is it meant to say like ‘Bitches are on Fire’ or is that just me?

Haha thank you, I think that’s the beauty of it. Some guy asked me if it’s ‘Peaches on wire’ everyone hears what they want to hear.

Finally what is coming up in the future for Side Brain?

A lot of live shows coming soon. In the summer I’m going to Israel for an event with all the artists from my label HOLY DUBS REC which I’m looking forward to and making more music of course!

1. Babbit (Feat. Jincallo)
2. Chunky Monkey
3. Three Dogs
4. Truth
5. Nintendo – Hop
6. My fever is up again
7. I never seen you so happy
8. Kmo
9. Sun Vs. Moon
10. Careless living
11. Ruff a duff
12. The Forset of Broken Beats
13. Home (Sunglasses) 

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