Contest: Elevated Ruffians – The Magnificent Soul (2CD)

Contest: Elevated Ruffians – The Magnificent Soul (2CD)

To give our latest Pick Of The Week on Laid Back Radio another dimension, we’ve decided to giveaway two physical copies of ‘The Magnificent Soul’ by Elevated Ruffians. A double CD with guest appearances by artists such as Oh No, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Boho Fau, Globetroddas and more.

To give our latest Pick Of The Week on Laid Back Radio another dimension, we’ve decided to giveaway two physical copies of The Magnificent Soulby Elevated Ruffians.

When it comes to music, ‘Quality above quantity’ means a lot to us. But although this double CD features 41(!) tracks, it’s still quality from front to back. Elevated Soul and Magnificent Ruffians did an excellent job on this collaborative effort.

Win! Win! Win!

To win one of the two physical copies of this album, then become friends with us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us over there who’s the guest appearance on the track of our latest Elevated Ruffians Pick Of The Week.

UPDATE: Winners announced on Twitter and Facebook. Congrats Melanie and Joel!

Disc 1
02.Extended Fam
03.Heeea Heeah!
04.Watch Your Step Feat. Oh No
05.The Snap Track Feat. Disco
07.Water The Seeds Feat. Eno.D
08.Harlem Renaissance Feat. Eno.D
10.I’ve Done More Feat. Bookworm Brown
11.All Wrong
12.Lift Your Spirits Feat. Propaganda
13.Boom Bap Vs Abstract
14.Nothin New Feat. Noa James
15.I Can’t Understand
16.He’s A Hater Feat. Random
17.Sweet Time Feat. Jim Cooper On Bass
18.Real Spitters
19.Jewels Feat. Analyzah/satch’l
20.I Can’t Lose Feat. Simon Roofless

Disc 2
01.Industry Beef
02.Ain’t Got Time Feat. Disco
03.Message In The Wind Feat. Brotha Dvooa
04.Got Me Down
05.Back Up Feat. S.O.P.
06.Our Love
07.Nothin To Say Feat. Anterluz
08.No! No! No! Feat. Queen Elizabeth
10.Never Feat. Cornbread
11.Ain’t That A Bitch
12.Vice Versa Love Feat. Boho Fau
13.No Se Feat. Mista B
14.Just A Matter Of Time Feat. Eyez
15.Magnificent Macks
16.Yes You Did
17.You’re No Good
18.Nothing Can Stop Me Feat. Vast Aire
19.I Don’t Care Feat. Hardware
20.It’s Over

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