Giveaway: Vinyl Postcard of Blindspot’s “Astromedic”

Giveaway: Vinyl Postcard of Blindspot’s “Astromedic”

Mars Athletics is Blindspots third album. The abstract hip hop duo from Germany takes you on a trip to Mars and back, exploring a strange world with left-field raps and dark productions.

Producer Dot and rapper Mr.Feat constantly explore the aspects of Earth in the 21st century, while crossing the boundaries of musical concepts in a world that seems to be as strange as Mars… – Anette Records

The first single, “Astromedic,” has been released on limited edition vinyl postcards to mark the lift-off of this unexpected journey. In affiliation with the Blindspot spacemen we have one copy to share with a lucky winner, courtesy of the newly-founded label Anette Records.

Take a listen to “Miams” off the new Blindspot record and tell us what the abbreviated title stands for.

Leave a comment below, share your answer on our Facebook page, reach out to us on Twitter (@TheFindMag), or send us an email with the meaning of M-I-A-M-S. With a little luck you can win one of the 40 limited vinyl postcards.

UPDATE: Make It All Make Sense is the answer. Congrats Lukas Kannemann!

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