Video: DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – Graffiti Album Sampler

Video: DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – Graffiti Album Sampler

We have been enjoying The Foremost by UK heavyweight DJ Format and Connecticut-based emcee Phill Most Chill for weeks now. The album is barely 30 minutes long, but the drum-heavy tracks are bound to make your speakers explode. 

The Foremost is an unstoppable hurricane of fast-paced rhymes and funky yet hard-hitting breaks. The album’s diversity ranges from a love song you can dance to (“Beverly”) and an ode to crate digging (“Diggin’ For A Livin'”), to witty bird metaphors over a vicious beat (“Angry Birds”), and notable guest appearances by Oxygen and Emskee as The Rampagers (“Triple Threat MC’s”).

Watch this graffiti video to get a taste of the no-nonsense hip hop. The album is available on wax, CD and digital formats through Kudos Records.


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